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Reviewing WPF and MVVM

 I've been working in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) a lot lately. WPF is a great way to build a Windows desktop application, it's been around for many years and is very mature compared to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) which is a similar tool for creating desktop applications. It's not the newest, shiniest tool but it is definitely a great tool to be aware of. A while back I built a simple WPF program that worked with a .NET function library that did very simple distance calculations, and I decided to review that before really getting into more advanced concepts. When the program runs, it looks like this:   It's nothing too fancy, but it will show travel time, rate of travel and distance traveled over time. It also allows an excel spreadsheet to be inputted and it will run many calculations and then update the spreadsheet. The layout here is primarily built using the XAML grid, a staple of any WPF application. The grid specifies how many rows and columns the g