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Using WebRTC to build a videophone in React and TypeScript

 Recently I had the opportunity to spend more time learning React, as well as Redux and a bit about WebRTC. I was prototyping a website that allows you to make video calls to other users, and I thought it was really cool how out-of-the-box WebRTC is. I also used TypeScript, even though I had some trouble in the past with React-TypeScript applications, and it went pretty well. There was some finicky things and it required me to learn the types of objects I had never used before, but overall I think it went pretty well.   The server is built with express, and uses to emit the web-rtc requests. There is no authentication or authorization, I was mainly focused on showing that I could make a video call.It uses Redux to handle state management, which was a bit tricky in TypeScript and felt like I was writing a lot of repeat code, but it got the job done better than it would have without it. Ultimately this project ended up being put on the backburner as my team turned to Flutter in