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Learning Flutter

 I've been learning Flutter in order to help my team out with a new project we are taking on. At first I was skeptical, since cross-platform frameworks usually end up sacrificing something to run on so many different platforms. However, I was really impressed with Flutter, especially when I saw our teams app running in the web, on Windows and on an Android phone, and it looked good on every device! I started out with the Flutter Development Bootcamp by Dr. Angela Yu on Udemy, where I quickly learned the basics of getting an app set up, changing the app logo, and the core structure of a Flutter application. I wasn't sure about the everything-is-a-widget structure at first, but it ended up making so much sense! I always felt like building something that looks amazing was within reach, and the auto-format always made my code look great. It reminded me of components in React, although I think I prefer widgets. I ended up building several simple applications while following with th