Blazor Components

     My future portfolio is still a work in progress, but it's looking much better than my last post about it. I've started adding components to the portfolio to avoid repetition and isolate code that does a specific thing. I'm most proud of my ListProjects component, which takes in three parameters that will help decide which projects are displayed and what types of details are shown with the project list.


    I pass in a boolean value to determine whether the details about the project will be shown (the date it was completed, the summary of the project, etc.), the skill type (whether it's a language, a technology or a platform) and the ID of that skill. Since I can filter the list of projects I've worked on by the type of skills used in the project, this will only show the projects with the skill that is passed into the component. the component looks like this:


     Components are a great way to isolate code, and they are easy to make in Blazor. In the component, all you need are the parameter  properties shown at the bottom that correspond to the properties you pass into the component from the parent component.


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