The Throne of Rot

    The 'Throne of Rot' is a simple adventure game I made for my final project in an introductory web development class. It's built in Vue.js, although most of the heavy lifting is done in JavaScript. The game sees a player exploring a five by five map, meeting characters, fighting monsters, and making decisions that impact how the game is played. It was a fun challenge to track state management the player and the board as a whole. For example, in one space there is a fruit tree. If the player chooses to pick the fruit, it will be gone for the rest of the game.

    It was a fun way to learn Vue. Vue event handlers made it easy to handle player movement over the board, and it would all automatically refresh upon each change. It made movement feel snappy and natural. I wouldn't say it made me a master of Vue, but I use it any time I need to stand up a quick web page.

    In order to style the board I used CSS Grid to neatly arrange the tiles and JavaScript dictionaries and classes to navigate the different events and states of the game. You're welcome to checkout the code on my GitHub, or even play the game at the site below!

 ** At some point the Heroku version broke. It looks funny but you actually can still beat the game!

 Play Throne of Rot

See the code on GitHub 


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