Building an App

     In order to learn how to build and publish an app, I've decided to build an open-source mood tracking app that will use colors to show track your anxiety over the course of a week, month or year. You will be able to record the events that happened that day, along with the mood that event is associated with. The app is in the early stages, I'm still trying to decide how many moods to track and the best way to display the different types of moods someone has felt.

    I'm building the app in React Native since that's what I want to practice. I may have a back-end that manages the database of user input, and users can log in and sync their data between devices. For now, since learning React Native is my main focus, I want to allow a user to report their mood and display the mood visually using a color. 

    You can check out my code as I progress here, and I'll be able to provide updates about what I learn as I go.


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