Stepping into Angular

    Angular is a web framework that uses TypeScript, it's very common on a lot of job postings so I wanted to at least get the basics down. It uses components, which I was a big fan of in React, and I like the class-template format of a component. Later I will build my own project from scratch, and see if I can't get it to connect to the API I build in Spring last week, but for now I've been following along with Deborah Kurata's great videos on Angular and wanted to show off some of the basics she's covered so far.

    I like the file structure of Angular programs, it's easy to follow and I immediately felt like I knew where files would be. In this example application we built a page that displays a list of projects and we kept home page things in the home folder, product things in the products folder and shared things in the shared folder. I might have take the additional step to store product details things in a product details folder, but it wasn't too hard to manage. The way Angular's components are built makes it easy to decouple code.

         Using data is also very simple when you build a class and simply specify the template you'll use. It results in a very uncluttered experience, especially compared to some React or React Native components. So far I've enjoyed my time with Angular, and I think I'll only continue to enjoy it as I keep going.



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