IaaS and PaaS with Azure

     Web services are massive, so I've been trying to learn how to use Microsoft Azure. They started me off with $200 in credit for my first month, so I got a VM set up in Azure. I decided to start with a Windows Server VM, which may have caused me some additional headaches but I had worked with some Windows VM's back when I was doing IT for a university. I wanted to try hosting a simple React site I made (remember this post?), but when that wasn't working out I found out how to change the start page of the virtual machine so that it would display some HTML. It wasn't particularly interesting or useful, but it was interesting to get a VM running on Azure.

     The better way to get what I wanted to host up on Azure was by simply using Azure as a platform for hosting. The pipelines were a bit tricky to set up, and making sure you are setting the correct npm commands to run your application is very important, but it didn't take long to get a simple website hosted on Azure. I think this is what I would do more often than setting up an entire VM, unless I really needed the VM for something. 


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